Trace and Exile

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People Get Ready - Exile - iTunes

Caught you guys on Larry's Country Diner this evening and you just never cease to amaze me! Had the pleasure of seeing you in Star City, AR last year and Warren, AR several years ago. It is fantastic that you are still sharing your wonderful talents with us!
I was in High school at what was then the new Laurel County High Gym. They were Epic then and have always been a favorite! Will get to listen to them in person at a private event in Corbin KY! Exile, forever in my Heart!
Saw your show @ Cache Creek Casino in Northern California yesterday. Thanks for an excellent, very tight and polished set of great songs! Loved the attention to detail you guys all put into your music and the very open, inclusive attitude you have towards your audience.
I have been a huge FAN of EXILE ever since you guys came on the music scene and man what a awesome group my friends EXILE is I have every album EXILE s recorded and have been to every concert you've had in ky. and I will be supporting the group always Keep up the great work and keep your country country my friends stay safe.

Saw your show at Doddridge County Fair on August 26. All I can say is.... AWESOME! I hadn't seen you guys in a very long time and you totally rocked. Voices and harmonies still impressive. Hopefully can get you to play in my town. You are true icons in the music world.
At the rowlett fireworks just come to see you guy. We drove from FTW just to come see you in person. Your music is so important to my husband and I. I will be in the front row singing every word!! So excited!
Have been a fan of Exile from the get-go. They were popular in military circles, especially those of us stationed overseas. One of my favorite songs is "Woke Up in Love"--it is my ringtone on the cell! Their harmony is pure and easy to follow. And it is music where you can understand every word! Great entertainers and a most talented group of musicians. I was so glad I could see them at Fir Mountain in Colorado on June 25, 2016.
Just got back from the concert at the Grizzly Rose in Denver. Great concert. Thanks for being part of my life for so many years. We all look just a little older (and wiser, I'm sure) than the pics I had of us at Fan Fair.
I know this is late, it was great to see you guys on the Larry Country Diner Cruise... Thanks for the pick J.P. was a treat to talk to you ... (Me) Guy with long gray/silver whiskers/beard ... any who take care on your travels .. ever get to Utah (Winter) or Montana (Summer)home drop a note ..

I just bought tix to see you at the Grizzly Rose in Denver. The last performance of yours I saw was at the Del Mar Fair when you opened for Lee Greenwood in the mid '80's. Les pulled us backstage because he knew us from spending many nights watching you hone your act at the bowling alley in Lexington. We couldn't believe our good fortune to hear this world class act in the local bar! My bf whom I later married played softball with JP (and maybe Les? It's been a long time!). My (then) husband, Jeff and our best buddie, Vic spent lots of time at the bowling alley, softball games and after parties with you guys. I'm so excited to see and hear you again in Denver! Helen


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